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  • Armored Personal Carrier APC
  • Armored Personal Carrier APC

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HiyaToys is officially announcing to pre-order M577 Armored Personal Carrier in the movie “Alien 2” from 21st Century Fox. APC is from the 1:18 series Exquisite Mini and developed by top design team of HiyaToys. APC occurred in movie "Alien 2” as carrier for colonial marines which was released from dropship to explore the base where aliens were found. After encountered with aliens, APC helped marines to retreat to the safe zone. HiyaToys focuses on details in design and fabrication which reflects scenes in the movie. You will feel a 100% real APC and play with 1:18 aliens and marines from HiyaToys.

Product Material:

APC body: PVC and ABS

Lighting: LED and Electronics Components


1. Luminous top and front lights

2. All monitors in driver's panel and control room are luminous

3. Cab door and hatch enterance can be opened

4. Driver control stick movable

5. Control panel seat slidable

6. Restraining bar of each seat can be raised

7. Top barbette turnable and set backwards

8. Front barbette turnable

9. Top and back hatch cover can be opened

10. Internal room for 10-12 marines (1:18)

11. 1 marine as accessory

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