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    (Re)Designing the Exquisite Mini

    At Hiya Toys, our goal is to create a great-looking figure that lasts at a fair price. It thrills us to no end to see how many Exquisite Minis get taken out of the box, posed, photographed, shot for stop-motion, crossed over with other 1:18 scale figures. It puts the pressure on us to continually improve our work, so that fans are never disappointed.

    One of the pieces of feedback we've gotten since Day One is that Exquisite Mini limbs are...well, let's say that they're fragile. It breaks our collective heart when one of our collectors opens up a new figure and, within minutes, snaps off a leg or breaks a wrist joint. First off, if that happens, contact Hiya Toys customer service via our website. We are committed to making sure fans have any needed replacement parts they may need. It's always a good idea to provide pictures to illustrate any issues with a figure.

    We've also spent a portion of the past year with our factory developing a new, metal joint piece that will replace the plastic ones that we used in our older figures. It will reinforce what we have found to be an area of stress, while adding a minimum of extra weight to the figure. We anticipate introducing these new knees and elbows with the release of our upcoming Crucified Predator (LP0095), and they'll appear in all future releases!


    Upcoming Releases

    The Alien Series - we've announced a lot of really cool xenomorphs over the past few months, all of which should start appearing in stores winter 2020. The "Big Chap" from Alien (LA0108) is still on schedule to release in December 2020, and should be joined by the long sold-out Xenomorph from Alien Covenant (L0029) around the same time. We've also begun production on our first releases from Aliens. The Blue Alien Warrior (LA0067) should be in stores in February, and the Alien Queen (LA0114) shipping in time for Alien Day. We're also sold out on the Power Loader (L0010) and APC (L0011); keep an eye out at your local retailers for the last in stock.

    The Predator Series - our first Predators Exquisite Minis shipped in August: Falconer (LP0051), Berserker (LP0052), and Tracker (LP0053) are in stores now, and reviews have been great! We're also looking forward to getting the first variants in collector's hands in November. Whether it's an unmasked Berserker (LP0048), an active camo Tracker (LP0050), or an invisible Falconer (LP0104), fans will find a wide range of looks at the Super Predators by the end of 2020.

    The Robocop Series - Hiya's been rolling out the full range of Robocop Exquisite Minis over the past few months, and we'll have more coming before the end of the year. We're so excited for our ED-209 (LR0077); the inclusion of a sound chip in this release makes it a must have. We're also finishing up our range of figures from the 2014 Robocop revival, and they look sharp! We're on schedule to release the Robocop 1.0 (LR0085), Robocop 2.0 (LR0083), the battle damaged Robocop 2.0 (LR0084), and the EM208 two-pack (LR0088) all by the end of 2020. Fans should also keep an eye out for the 2020 Halloweenfest exclusive release of the glow-in-the-dark Robocop. It's a comic shop exclusive, and should be in stores by the time you read this.

    The Alien Vs. Predator Series - Hiya has been announcing and taking orders on our new line of AvP Exquisite Minis since earlier this year, when we debuted Scar (LP0107). Since then, we've added Celtic (LP0109), the Alien Warrior (LA0110), Chopper (LP0112), a battle damaged Celtic (LP0068), the Grid Alien (LA0071), and the Final Battle Scar (LP0073). We're expecting to ship at least one every month between now and April 2021, so AvP fans have a lot to look forward to.

    Social Media

    We're also working hard to engage with our fans via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Whether its a first look at a new announcement, a giveaway of our newest figures, or sharing something cool from our fans, those, along with this page, is the best way to stay on top of what we're doing. So follow along: we're hoping to add video and AMAs over the coming weeks...and those are always fun!

    Thanks for being there!

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  2. Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

    Hiya Toys participated in C2E2 Chicago in Apr.

    Products demonstrated are Xenomorph and Neomorph from movie Alien Covenant, as well as APC, Crusher, Raven etc, which will be soon in the market.

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  3. Jungle Predator

    Buddies, we are releasing Jungle Predator these days. 

    This amazing figure along with other predators, 

    you are going to have a troop! 

    Don’t wait to check retailers these days! 
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  4. Alien Covenant

    Xenomorph and Neomorph from movie Alien Covenant are now in Pre-order. You can book now for the new release in this Summer!

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