Godzilla action figure from Godzilla(2014)

Godzilla action figure from Godzilla(2014)

We are delighted to announce the Godzilla(2014) Godzilla Action Figure is ready to join Hiya Toys EXQUISITE BASIC series!

Godzilla (2014) tells the story of a mysterious incident at the Janjira Nuclear Power Plant in 1999 that resulted in the unfortunate deaths of Joe 's colleagues and his wife. Years later, Joe's son Ford travels to Japan to help his father, who has noticed anomalies and is determined to uncover the truth in the forbidden zone.

They discover that the root cause of the disaster, concealed beneath the ruins, is a colossal cocoon. Facing an ancient catastrophe, Dr. Serizawa believes only Godzilla can restore the balance of nature. While Godzilla confronts significant challenges, humanity strives to comprehend this formidable ally with destructive power, united to confront the ancient threat.

This brand new Godzilla action figure stands 160mm tall, based on Godzilla (2014). Crafted with attention to detail, referencing the original CG data from the movie, every aspect of the Godzilla's appearance from the film is faithfully reproduced! Including an articulated tail for posing and display in collections.

*The Godzilla Figure is open for orders in global regions (excluding Japan).
Price: 51.00USD
Release time: 2024Q3


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