Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Spirit Iron-Knife from G.I.Joe!

Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Spirit Iron-Knife from G.I.Joe!

Now, you can own this brand new Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Spirit Iron-Knife action figure.

Hailing from the Arapaho tribe, Spirit Iron-Knife possesses extraordinary tracking skills and a deep connection with nature. He is a formidable warrior, displaying a calm demeanor and a dedication to defending freedom and justice. Integrating unique skills, cultural awareness, and unwavering loyalty, he becomes an indispensable member of the G.I.Joe.

This brand new Spirit Iron-Knife action figure stands at 105mm in height. Based on the original appearance of the G.I. Joe, wearing a blue shirt with perfectly integrated chest straps and sheathes, combining classic styling with modern practicality. His stern and resolute expression, coupled with a red headscarf and a strand of hair hanging on the fabric, further enhances the three-dimensional character.

In terms of accessories, Spirit comes with iconic sniper rifles, pistols and more, with fine details even in the 1/18 scale. With 19 joints, utilizes a design supporting extensive articulation, accompanied by 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing to recreate a variety of poses. Additionally, his most faithful companion, the eagle named Freedom, can be posed in different styles by replacing wing accessories, providing greater actions.
The figure also comes with a unique base, simulating a war-torn ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, allowing you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in your own home!

Price: 24.99 USD
Release time: 2024Q4


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