Hiya Toys EXQUISITE SUPER Series Andrew Scott from Universal Soldier!

Hiya Toys EXQUISITE SUPER Series Andrew Scott from Universal Soldier!

We are excited to announce New Product of EXQUISITE SUPER Series from Universal Soldier – 1/12 scale Andrew Scott action figure.

'Universal Soldier' (1992) depicts the Vietnam War period, where Andrew Scott undergoes a sudden and dramatic transformation, leading him to ruthlessly kill both his comrades and innocent local residents. Luc intervenes to prevent a confrontation, but tragically, both are fatally shot. Their bodies are secretly taken away to be resurrected through experiments as memory-deprived war machines. Luc gradually regained his memories after one mission and developed doubts about the endless killing. Andrew was assigned to hunt down Luc, leading to a life-and-death battle between the two soldiers.

This brand-new Andrew Scott action figure stands at 16.5cm tall and faithfully reproduces his appearance from 'Universal Soldier' (1992). Andrew is dressed in a camouflage combat suit with straps for gun holsters and grenade pouches. The combat suit and straps are made from real fabric, ensuring both articulation and aesthetic appeal. Accessories include M60 Machine gun, MP5K SMG (detachable magazine), desert eagle pistol (detachable magazine), 2x grenades, communication headset, 2x ammo belt, police baton, life meter. Additional 7x interchangeable hands and 2x interchangeable head sculpt ensure dynamic combat poses, echoing the film's intense scenes.

Price: $89.99USD
Release time: 2025Q1
* Pictures for reference only, specific products in kind prevail.
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