Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Daryl from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Daryl from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

New IP! EXQUISITE MINI Series Daryl 1/18 scale action figure from 【The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon】now joins Hiya Toys.

Story follows【The Walking Dead】, Daryl wakes up on the southern coast of France, where he encounters Isabelle, a nun, and a child named Laurent. Nuns believe that Laurent is the key to saving the world from walkers. One day, Codron's men attack the abbey. Faced with the last request of the elder num, Daryl is determined to protect Laurent and Isabelle on their journey to an outpost called 'The Nest'. In return, Isabelle has pledged to assist Daryl in finding a port. Amidst the multiple crises, they support each other to break through the siege.

This brand new Daryl action figure stands 104mm tall, faithfully reproducing the facial details of Daryl from 【The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon】. Dressed in a black trench coat, mud-covered marching boots, and a detachable canvas bag slung diagonally, all faithfully recreated even in the 1/18 scale.

In terms of accessories, Daryl comes with a harpoon and a crossbow. The finely detailed green camouflage pattern and weathered effects on the crossbow are subtly portrayed, always accompanying Daryl at the forefront of challenges.

Featuring 15 joints, utilizes a design supporting extensive articulation, with 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing enthusiasts to recreate a variety of action poses from the series. Additionally includes a randomly selected exclusive stand from four different appearances, replicating scenes of scattered bodies remains and muddy grounds, providing an immersive experience of the most thrilling bloodbath!

Price: 24.99 USD
Release time: 2024Q3


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